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Whether your application requires treatment of activated sludge, tertiary treatment, wastewater purification for non-potable water reuse, water sustainability, clarification, oil and / or solids removal,  this type of usage requires Maintaining..
 Sand blasting and Painting of Clarifiers is one of Great Western Painting  projects
 we perform in our company including Tanks  water towers

Sand Blasting & Painting of Clarifiers



Mining Towers- Smoke Stacks

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Sand Blasting & Painting a Clarifier in California

Robert, as I mentioned in our phone conversation, your crew
performed very well on the Tuolumne Clarifier
and the work quality was excellent.

By performing so well, our comfort level with your company has increased dramatically. We look forward to soliciting your involvement in virtually every project we propose in Central and Northern California along with Nevada. Since Chad and I do not handle much of the work in Southern California and Arizona we have minimal influence in these regions but the individuals (Steve Bishop and Matt Tasch) that handle these areas are completely aware of your success on the first Tuolumne Clarifier. Matt has committed to me that you will be notified when his projects (Arizona) approach. Steve primarily uses a local contractor in Southern California but he has also expressed interest in your company so work in So. Cal. is not out of the question.Iíll look forward to hearing from you.John

Call Patrick - 1 - 877-749-5554

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